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Alison Irvine
is a writer and community arts worker based in Glasgow.

Her debut novel
This Road is Red
was published by
Luath Press
and nominated for a Saltire First Book of the Year award in 2011.

In 2013, she was awarded a Glasgow Life Commonwealth Games residency and is working alongside artist, Mitch Miller, and film-maker and photographer, Chris Leslie on The Winning City, a legacy project looking at the culture of Glasgow’s East End through the eyes of its residents

In 'This Road Is Red', Alison Irvine does for Glasgow what Irvine Welsh has done for Edinburgh - imagining a city through its fringes, fearlessly and without frills. In fact, 'This Road Is Red' goes one better than 'Trainspotting' by bringing to life a whole scheme in the sky, not through the interconnected tales of a handful of individuals, but by opening a hundred windows onto a whole community across two generations, so that the reader can hear a town talking on every page.

Professor Willy Maley, University of Glasgow